Monday, April 2, 2007

The Problem Book-34

34.) The uncle of Mr. W. D. Fard lives in the wilderness of North America and works sixteen hours out of twenty-four every day for a very little pay. He has a large family support and, on top of that, a Satan came along and sold him Life insurance, and gave him a written Guarantee that he will receive full benefit at once on after approval of his death.

Another Satan came along and sold him five hundred B. Shares at six percent, in Panama Canal, at $1.75 per Share.

The Panama Canal is fifty and one-half miles long; three hundred feet wide; and has a depth of forty-five feet.

What would be the amount of water in weight and gallons belonging to the uncle of Mr. W.D. Fard since there were nine thousand, nine hundred fifty-seven Share-Holders-not including the 15%?

It has been learned that the 85% could only receive correctly weight and measure in figures by any Mathematician.

What price was said per gallon today, including and compounding interest annually for of said, twenty years, at six percent?

One thousand seven hundred twenty-eight cubic inches equals one cubic foot.

Sixteen ounces equal one pound.

One gallon contains two hundred thirty-one cubic inches.

One cubic foot contains seven and one-half gallons.

One thousand seven hundred twenty-eight cubic inches weigh sixty-two and one half pounds.

The Problem Book-33

33.) Lake Michigan is three hundred nine and one-third miles long, sixty-nine and one-half miles wide, and she has a depth of eight hundred sixty-eight and one-fourth feet.

What would be the square mileage of this Cave Man's Lake? Reduce to square Yards and inches.

One thousand seven hundred twenty-eight cubic inches equal one cubic foot.

One cubic foot of water contains seven and one-half gallons.

One thousand seven hundred hudred twenty-eight cubic inches of water weighs sixty-two and one-half pounds.

Mr. E. Muhammad wants to know if thirteen Ducks-six drink once per day and seven drink three-fourth ounces per day, how long will it take them to dry the Cave Man's Lake?

Extract the cube root of the total amount of water after having all dry by the thirteen Ducks.

The Problem Book-32

32.) Twelve Leaders of Islam from all over the Planet have conferred in the Root of Civilization concerning the Lost-Found Nation of Islam-must return to their original Land.

One of the Conference Members by the name of Mr. Osman Sharrieff said to the eleven Members of the Conference:

"The Lost-Found Nation of Islam will not return to their original Land unless they, first, have a thorough Knowledge of their own."

So they sent a Messenger to them of their own.

Now, the Messenger an his Laborers worked day and night for the last three and one-half years, and their accomplishments are approximately twenty-five thousand. The Messenger and his Laborers are worried, for the time of Laboring is mentioned and limited in said, Problem No. 31.

One of the Prophets in the early days said:

"The Lost-Found Nation of Islam, numbering one hundred forty-four thousand, will be the Stars, and will return to their original Land. And the Balance, "he said, "are poison and rusty, and will not take the Knowledge on their own."

But the Messenger and his Laborers do not agree with the old Prophet in this modern time. He thinks that he will remove all poison and rust from every one of the seventeen million.

At the same time, he desires for every on of you, Students, to help solve this Problem since you have learned the time, accomplishments and old Prophet's number-(one hundred forty-four thousand).

What would be the daily average of accomplisment judging from weekly Converts?

What do we mean when we say, poison and rusty?

What is the percentage of poison and rusty?

Describe whom and with what Profession are the most poisonous and rustiest?

What means and methods shall be used to remove poison and rust from of said, the worst one?

B. No. 1 - The uncle of Mr. W.D. Fard lives in the wilderness of North America. He is working sixteen hours out of twenty-four hours for a very little pay. He has eight in his family to support besides other little bills to meet each month. On top of that, a Cave man came along and sold him an old touring Car, which travels downhill at the rate of forty-eight miles per hour.

If it is to be shown by Actual Test that a force of two hundred fifty pounds is required to maintain this rate of downhill speed, what horse power must the Engine deliver at the Wheels?

Thirty-three thousand pounds equals one Horse Power.

The Problem Book-31

31.) A lion in a cage walks back and forth, sixty feet per minute, seeking a way out of the cage. It took nearly four centuries to find the door. Now, with modern equipment, he is walking three thousand miles feet per minute and has three thousand miles by two thousand miles to go yet. How long will it take him to cover this territory of said, three thousand by two thousand miles, at the above walking rate?

Five thousand two hundred eighty feet equals one mile.

He also has seventeen million keys, which he turns at the rate of sixteen and seventeen one-hundredths per minute. How long will take him to turn the whole seventeen million?

Sixty minutes equal one hour. Twenty-four hours equal one day. Three hundred sixty-five days equal one year.

The Problem Book-30

30.) The uncle of Mr. W.D Fard lives in the wilderness of North America-surrounded and robbed completely by the Cave man. Therefore, he has no knowledge of his own nor anyone else's, but his mind travels twenty-four billion miles per second, which is considered the average speed of thought per second. How many round trips will he make in ten seconds to the far Planet Platoon?

The Problem Book-29

29.) The Light travels one hundred eighty-six thousand miles per Second. How long will take it from the Sun to strike the Earth?

How long will it take to strike Planet Neptune?

The Problem Book-28

28.) The Nile River is the longest on the Planet. Suppose you calculate right to the one, one-hundred of an inch and let your Teacher have the answer before the first of the month so you can be put on the list of Honor right along side of your own Title, which is unlimitied in the eyes of any cavy.

Tell us how many States of the United States of North America could be sat right inside in the area of the Nile River?

The rest can be put in the Congo River, whose area equals two million, three hundred sixty-nine and one-half miles. How much would you have left after putting all the States in?

Germany equals fifty-five thousand square miles. England equals forty-five thousand square miles and the rest of the Caves Hillsides, and Mountains equal twenty-one thousand square miles. Would you have enough left over River's Area to place in all of said, none other than the above mentioned?