Monday, April 2, 2007

The Problem Book-6

6.) The second uncle of Mr. W.D. Fard, in the wilderness of North America, lived other than himself and, therefore, his blood pressure registered over thirty-two. He had fever, headaches, chills, grippe, hay fever, regular fever, rheumatism; also pain in all joints. He was disturbed with foot ailments and toothaches. His pulse beat more that eighty-eight times per minute, therefore, he goes to the doctor every day and gets medicine for every day in the year - one after each meal and three times a day. Also, one at bed time.
The average person breathes three cubic feet of air per hour, but the second uncle of Mr. W.D. Fard breathed four and one-half cubic feet of air per hour. Five hundred pills equal one pound, so that kills him at the age of forty-six. How many pounds of pills did Mr. W. D. Fard's second uncle use in forty-six years? How many cubic feet of air did he breathe in forty-six years?
If the air value selling price, then the third uncle of Mr. W. D. Fard would have been robbed of the Atmosphere. How much air did he breathe more than the average man? Each cubic foot of air costs $10.50.
How much does Mr. W. D. Fard's second uncle rob in forty-six years? Twenty pills cost twenty-five cents. How much does this amount to in forty-six years? Once a week, he gives the doctor $2.50 for renewing the prescription. And fifty-two weeks equal one year. So Mr. Muhammad wants to know how much money was spent for the pills and how much for the Doctor?


C. said...

If the author of this blog look's @ it let me know if I am mistaken with these answers....peace

Vap Black said...

Difficult...I think I need more information for some of the variables. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote that eventually the Blackman should eat once a day maybe twice but should work for once. Let's not talk about fasting and such. But... Mr. W.D. Fard's second uncle, if he did indeed live in the wilderness of N.A. he would have been a slave somewhere in the south.....anyway maybe I'm looking too far into this question. :) let me know if I am. The variables I used to get this answer are:
He ate 3 times a day
He died the second he became age 46

also that in one day he ingested 7 pills.

In his life he ingested 117,530 pills.

235.06 pounds of pills attributed to his weight

108,799,200 cubic feet were breathed(?) in 46 years

He owe's the Atmosphere $1,142,391,600 for ALL the air he breathed. The average man breathes, in 46 years 72,532,800 cubic feet at a cost of $761,594,400. If breathing 1.5 more cubic feet of air per hour than the average man constitutes robbery, then I would say that Mr W.D. Fard's uncle stole.........$381,337,200 from the atmosphere.

In 46 years Mr. W.D. Fard's second uncle pills amounted to $94,024

Eh.......I don't quite understand the last question. But if he gives $2.50 to the doctor every week for 46 years he will have spend $5,980

The Problem Book said...

The 2nd uncle of W.D. Fard is the Half-Original man. The 2nd uncle of W.D. Fard was found in the same condition as the Uncle (Original Man) of W.D. Fard. The problems were given to assess the state of condition when we were found in 1930. Also the answers to these questions unlock the secret esoteric understanding of our struggle, rise, and introduces us as the Perfect Rulers of the New (Now) World (Wisdom). Peace.

Lion's Paw said...

My calculations are as follows

The 2nd Uncle Breathed 1,813,320 Cubic feet of Air in 46 years

He consumed 134.32 Pounds of pills in 46 years

If Air Cost $10.50 Per Cubic Foot, he would owe the Atmospehere $19,039,860

He breathed 604,440 more air than the Avg man

He spent $839.50 in 46 years for the pills

The Dr. Cost $41,860 in 46 years